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High security lock

Lock & unlock with 1 key.

Key alike lock

Product Feature:

  • High security lock cylinder

  • High security dimple key type

  • Comes with 6 keys for 2 lock cylinders

  • One key to unlock for both gate and lock



  • 1 year warranty against product

  • 1 year onsite warranty when item installed by Smart-Home


  • Extra key at $5 per pc

$ 69 without install
$ 99 with install

Frequently Asked Questions

How does item work?


This item is meant to replace both lock cylinders so that you can lock and unlock both with 1 key.

Is the lock cylinder secure?


Our lock cylinders are manufactured according to European Union standards and CE approved for the highest security level.

Is it easy to replace the key?


All the keys are high security dimple keys, you can duplicate it from locksmith or bring back to us for duplication.

How long does the installation take?


The installation will normally take around 30 minutes. 

How long is the warranty period?


There is a 1 year warranty period.