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 4S Safety Film

Anti shatter security

Glass Safety Film

Prevent accidents like this !!!


Glass Safety Film
Glass Safety Film
Glass Safety Film
Glass Safety Film
Glass Safety Film

Product Feature:

  • Extra thick 4 Mil transparent safety film 

  • Ultra crystal clear nano film

  • Strong adhesive for holding broken glass during accident

  • Non toxic material, environmental friendly

  • Can be used for doors, window, kitchen divider and areas constantly exposed to fluctuating levels of heat, smoke and splashes of hot liquid



  • 1 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart-Home

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Product Details


Light Transmission

Force Resistance

Area of Usage

2 Mil


35 kg/in2

Normal protection

4 Mil


50 kg/in2

Extra security for home use like shower panels and glass doors

8 Mil


120 kg/in2

Commercial and public buildings with windows of more than 10mm thickness

12 Mil


170 kg/in2

Banks and financial institutions for added security against brute force

Hassle Free

Providing security without any mess

Glass Safety Film

Single panel door - $98

Price includes installation.

Glass Safety Film

Fixed panel only - $98

Fixed panel + door - $188

Price includes installation.

Glass Safety Film

4 panel shower screen - $228

Price includes installation.

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Why Choose Us

High quality material and excellent workmanship

Glass Safety Film
Glass Safety Film

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the quality? Is 4S safety film effective?


4S glass safety film is made of the highest quality PET material with patented glue application to ensure broken glass stick to the film in case of glass breakage accidents

Is it easy to maintain?


You can clean the safety film like how you normally clean your glass panel.

Which areas are suitable to use this safety film?


Our technical team has installed the film over areas like frameless glass doors and shower screens. We strongly recommend to install the safety film in areas of high traffic and areas with high fluctuation levels of heat and smoke.

How long does the installation take?


Every job timing differs due to different onsite condition. On average, a frameless glass panel door takes around 1 hour.

How long is the warranty period?


There is a 2 year warranty period for the product against manufacturer defect.

There is a 1 year onsite warranty period for workmanship.

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