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Child Safety Lock

Restrict opening angle

child window safety lock
Window Restrictor

Australia Patent Pending


$ 25 per set without installation

$ 49 per set with installation (1 set)

$ 39 per set with installation (2 to 3 sets)

$ 33 per set with installation (4 to 9 sets)

$ 30 per set with installation (> 10 sets)

Product Feature:

  • Prevent accidents of falling through windows

  • Can be locked and unlocked with key

  • Suitable for all kinds of windows and doors

  • High tensile strength stainless steel cable

  • Stainless steel cable loading tension up to 100kg

  • Tested and meets the requirements of all related BS EN Standards

  • Quality management system standard ISO 9001:2008


  • 1 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart-Home

  • 1 year warranty against product defect

Examples of installation

child window safety lock
child window safety lock
child window safety lock

Benefits of WinGuard

Window Restrictor

Frequently Asked Questions

How many keys are provided for 1 WinGuard?


There are 2 keys provided for 1 WinGuard. 

What happens if I lose my keys?


The keys for all WinGuard locks are key-alike system (meaning one key can open all the locks). If you have more than one WinGuard, the keys can be used inter-changeably. 

If you happen to lose all the keys, replacement keys are available at $2 per key without mailing cost. 


What's the length of the cable and how wide can my window open?


The standard length of the cable is 19cm and when installed, the window can open from 10cm - 15cm depending on installation.


Is WinGuard durable and safe?


WinGuard is extremely durable and has been tested according to European and Australian safety standards. It has been tested to withstand minimum 100kg of weight force before it breaks. 

What are the available colours?


We have 2 colours available - white and black. 

How is WinGuard installed?


The fixed plate is attached to the window frame while the plate that can be locked or unlocked is fixed on the window door. Kindly see above picture illustrations. 


Do I have to maintain WinGuard?


Like all mechanical fittings, you can check for any loose screws where WinGuard is attached to the window frames to ensure that it is working properly.


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 1 year on-site against workmanship defect and 1 year for product defect.

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