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Simple & Sleek

Paint over for uniform design.

Bomb shelter ventilation cover

Product Feature:

  • Plaster material

  • Flush with wall after installation

  • Can be painted over

  • Uniform and pleasant cover design



  • 1 year warranty against product

  • 1 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart-Home

$  80 for 1 pc
$140 for 2 pc (1 side sealed, 1 side ventilation)
 for 2 pc (2 side ventilation)

Paint colour choice

Examples of finished work.

Bomb shelter ventilation cover
Bomb shelter ventilation cover

Cover installed and plastering done

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include painting?


No, the price is inclusive of installation and plastering for the ventilation cover. 

When can I do the painting?


You can paint over the item after 24 hours as we recommend to let the plaster dry off.

How long does the installation take?


Per pc will normally take around 40 minutes to install. 

How long is the warranty period?


There is a 1 year warranty period. 

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