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Singapore's favourite door arm


SlideArm for External Door Closer

** for existing external door closer

$30 without installation
$50 with installation

Product Feature:

  • Add-on accessory for existing door closer

  • Clean and sleek design

  • Replace bottom door magnet and prevent damage to bottom of door and floor

  • Hold to open at any 1 desired position

  • Can be used on right and left hinged doors

  • Works with 99% of the door closers in the market



  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defect

  • 1 year onsite warranty when item installed by Smart-Home

New Improved Version


Easy To Use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SlideArm?


SlideArm is an add-on accessory for the door closer to hold your door at a preferred angle. If you need additional door closer, you will have to purchase it separately.

Is the SlideArm able to 'auto-close' and 'soft-close' the door?


No. 'Auto-close' and 'soft-close' capability is provided by the door closer. SlideArm is just to hold the door at a specific position.

Can I stop the door at 60°, move it to 90° afterwards?


No. The door can stop at 1 angle at 1 time only. If you would like to stop at 60°, the door cannot be opened bigger than 60° and so we normally recommend to stop at the biggest opening angle.

Can I adjust the angle of the SlideArm myself?


Yes, you can easily adjust the angle of the SlideArm yourself. You will require a 5mm allen key to do the adjustment.

How long does the installation take?


The installation normally takes around 20 - 30 minutes depending on site condition.

How long is the warranty period?


There is a 1 year warranty period. 

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