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Floor Spring for Glass Door

WT Floor Spring

WT Floor Spring

Soft Closing for Glass Door

Dorma Floor Spring

Dorma Floor Spring

Soft Closing for Glass Door

Floor Spring

Floor Spring

Floor Spring (WT-4820)

$ 140 without installation

$ 290 with installation (replacement)

Floor Spring

Floor Spring (BTS84)

$ 190 without installation

$ 340 with installation (replacement)

Product Feature:

  • For double-action doors

  • Can be used for glass or aluminium frame doors

  • Reduced depth for easier installation

  • Hold to open position at 90 degree

  • Can be used on right and left opening doors



  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

Floor Spring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Floor Spring?


Floor Spring is a double action opening door system. It is designed to be concealed on the floor after installation and it provides soft closing and auto closing for glass and aluminium frame doors. 

Is the Floor Spring able to 'auto-close' and 'soft-close' the door?


Yes. 'Auto-close' and 'soft-close' capability is provided by the floor spring. 

Can the Floor Spring hold the door open?


Yes, the floor spring is able to hold the door open at 90°.

My doors slams when closing and there is no soft closing.


Your floor spring is most likely not working well and you might need to consider to replace the floor spring. After changing, your door should be soft closing and will not slam when closing.

My door is not flushed with the side panel when closed.


Your floor spring adjustable mechanism might not be working well. You can try to do the adjustment on the floor spring, if it still doesn't work, you might need to consider to change the floor spring. 

How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 1 year against product defect.