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Digital is Outdated. Upgrade to Smart.

Top of the class. High Security.

Smart Digital Lock

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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost the manual, where can I download it?


Please click this link for download of A12 bundle to link the product to your app via wifi.

What batteries should be used for the smart locks?


AA size batteries x 4pcs is used for 1 lock.

How will I know if the batteries are 'low batt'?


There will be a LED indicator shown on the screen of the lock indicating low battery.


What if I forget to change the batteries and the power is totally flat?


1) Inside the house - manual over-ride knob to unlock the door. 

2) Outside of the house, use a 9V battery and place it to the pinout at the lock to charge it temporarily to activate the lock so you can key in your pin number to enter the house.

What happens if I lose 1 of the card for my smart lock?


If you lose 1 of them, you will need to take the remaining cards and re-program it with your lock, the lost card which is not newly programmed will be in-effective. 


Can I unlock gate and door lock with just 1 card?


Yes, it is possible. 


How long is the warranty period?


There is a 2 year warranty against the product. There is a 2 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart Home.

There is also 24/7 emergency support.


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