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Smart Security Solution

Dual Band. Ultra HD Resolution.

IP security camera

Product Feature:

  • Resolution : 2560 x 1440 (ULTRA HD 4MP)

  • Rotate 360°, Tilt 90°  

  • 2 Way Communication Audio with in-built microphones  

  • Dual-Band Wifi - 2.4 / 5 GHz, stronger network signals

  • Private Mode - Turn on private mode, the camera will hide the lens to protect personal privacy

  • Able to share the camera up to unlimited users

  • Support up to 128GB SD card storage 

  • Night vision to check in on your pet even in the dark

  • Multiple cameras can be shown simultaneously


  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defect

Now Only
(Usual Price: $99)
$ 78 without installation
$ 25
 (optional 128GB micro SD card)


IP security camera
IP security camera
IP security camera
IP security camera
IP security camera
IP security camera

Ultra Clear Night Vision

IP security camera
IP security camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smart IP camera has to be connected to power?


We have different models available, by battery, by power and by solar panel.


How long is the history for video recording?


The max supported micro SD card memory is 64-128gb. Recording history is supported up to 2 - 4weeks based on continuous recording.


Is it easy to use the app to view the camera?


Smart IP Cam is designed for ease of use without any complicated setup process. Every single function is listed clearly on our app making it the easiest to use in the market.

When mounted on ceiling, Is it possible to install it upside-down?


Yes, it is possible to install it upside down as our software has the function to flip the image even when camera is not installed in upright position. 

How does the 2 way communication work?


You can talk to anybody in the house via the camera as it supports 2 way voice communication. Just tap on the app to speak.


How does the PIR sensor work?


Once the sensor detects movement, an alert will be sent to your phone and you will be notified of any movements in the house.


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 1 year against manufacturer's defect.


What happens when the micro SD card memory is full?


It will continue to take videos and will automatically over-ride the oldest video.

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