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Dimming control

Smart switch

Smart Home


Smart Switch
Smart Switch
Smart Switch

First touch panel dimmer switch

Latest PCB switch board technology

  • No hub required for WiFi version

  • Zigbee 3.0 hub required for Zigbee version

  • Control remotely via smart phone or tablet

  • Smart Scene control settings

  • Voice control - Google, Amazon, Smart Phone


  • Contact us for installation if required

Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee

Touch Switch

Phone Control

Smart Scene

Fast Signal

Easy to Install

Smart Home

Time Control

Turn on / off lights automatically with preset timers

Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee


Set random timers to turn on light when you are overseas

18:00 - 24:00 (Turn on / off)

Mon / Tue / Wed / Thur

Turn on / off lights at pre-set timing to show someone is at home

Smart Home

Smart Scenes

Turn on light when person arrives home

Turn off light when person leaves home

Install a sensor to work with smart switch to auto on/off light

Smart Home

Live Status Feedback

View the real status of the switch an the app to check light switch

Smart Home
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee
Z Wave | Wifi | Tuya | Zigbee

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable are smart switches compared to traditional switches?


All our smart switches come with international certification and are manufactured in accordance to ISO standards. All switches are individually checked to ensure the highest quality before they are shipped out from the factory.

Do I need to do any re-wiring to change to smart switch?


With our latest technology on the electronic panel in the switch, there is no need for any re-wiring to be done in the house and it is a direct replacement to change the traditional switches.


Are smart switches safe?


Yes. Our smart switches are manufactured using fire retardant materials to prevent any fire accidents.


How long is the warranty period?


There is a 1 year warranty for the smart switches. We provide 1 year onsite warranty if the items are installed by Smart Home.

Can I request for support after warranty period?


Yes we will be able to provide software support even after warranty period. The software support is free.

Can I buy the item and DIY?

Yes. It is easy to do set up. There is a manual inside the packaging with step by step instructions to guide you to download the app and do the setup. 


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