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Power Track

Movable Power

Eureka Power Track

Easy Installation

Cable Management


Reposition Anywhere

Power Track

2) Remove

3) Re-Position

1) Add

Suitable for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings.

Got a new project to utilise Smart-Home power tracks, contact us today and find out more. 

Choose the length of the power tracks

Choose from our standard length size

Get it customised 

Eureka Power Track

Customised to your request

Eureka Power Track

Choose the colour or finish

Power Track

Brushed Steel

Power Track

Decor Black

Power Track

Titanium Bronze

Customised finish

Power Track
Power Track
Power Track
Available in special customised colours to match your interior.
Power track 1m and below -
add $40
Power track 1m and above - add $60


Choose adaptor & colour

Power Track

UK Adaptor

Power Track

Universal Adaptor (Metallic Finish)

Power Track

USB Adaptor

Power Track

Sensor Light Adaptor

Power Track

UK Adaptor (Metallic Finish)

Power Track

5 Pin Adaptor


USB Adaptor (Metallic Finish)

Power Track

Wireless Charging Adaptor

Power Track

Universal Adaptor

Power Track

Type I Adaptor

Power Track

Switch Light Adaptor

How many adaptors to fit track

Power Track

600mm Track

Max 5 Adaptors

800mm Track

Max 7 Adaptors

1000mm Track

Max 9 Adaptors

1200mm Track

Max 11 Adaptors

1500mm Track

Max 14 Adaptors

Still not sure how to utilise Power Track.


   Give us a call let us know what you need and our friendly operator will assist you within our means.


Have a question?  You may find your answer here.


Improving Homes, Improving Living

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