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Combi Blind

Zebra Blinds - beautifully diffused light and room darkening privacy makes our zebra shades the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom and study. Give your home the sleekly contemporary look you love — but with the easy functionality you need in a shade.

  • Shade creates a zebra like pattern, you have the option to align the front and back sections for privacy or to allow some light to filter through.

  • Overlapping layers of light filtering and room darkening fabrics.

  • Convenient to install, easy to maintain and clean without spending on any dry cleaning bills.

  • Available in a wide range of material and colours. 

  • Motorised roller blinds looks more sleek without the dangling handle on the left or right side.

  • Motorised solutions are definitely a more convenient way to adjust the blinds compared to manual type.

Zebra Blind Promo


$6 psf

Dim-Out Blinds

Zebra Blind Promo


$9 psf

Black-Out Blinds

Do your own measurement

This is just an estimate. Actual dimensions might vary depending onsite condition

Korean Blinds

Unit of Measure


10mm = 1cm

100mm = 10cm

1000mm = 100cm = 1meter

1inch = 25.4mm

1feet = 305mm

1 square ft = 1ft x 1ft

1 square meter = 1m x 1m

Black-out korean blinds

Dim-out korean blinds

Choice of fabric

Choose between black-out blinds or semi dim-out blinds.

Korean Blinds
Korean Blinds

Recommended when you want partial light when blinds are drawn

Recommended when you want to prevent light when blinds are drawn.

*Black-out korean blinds will have light coming through due to the nature of the fabric.

Innovative and advanced features

z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya

Smart Phone or Tablet

z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya

Voice Control

Technological advancements of motorised control system. 

Control remotely via smart phone or tablet.

Voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Motorised Solution  (smart technology)

5 years extended warranty for all our motors

Zebra Blind
Roller Blind

Smart motorised with remote control


  • 5 year warranty for all motorised solution for roller blinds. 

  • (1st year - free labour and parts, remaining 4 years free motor parts)

  • (After 1st year - labour and transport chargeable)

  • 1 year warranty against workmanship​ and blind material.


  • Warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, mis-use or by other abrasive material and cleaning agents.


  • Warranty does not cover damages caused by severe impact of motors and material. 

  • 1 year warranty against workmanship applies only if blinds are removable and not blocked by furniture. 

Blind Promo


$529 for motor

+ track system

What it includes;

  • Installation

  • 5 years warranty motor

  • Smart control

  • Remote control worth $29

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