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S24 is a new comprehensive and flexible magnetic track light system to design light in space. The specially design profile prevents hazardous electrical shock and it is easy to change the light fixtures without any rewiring due to the new magnetic rails inside the profile. 

No more hazardous electrical shock

Function + Quality

Magnetic Track Light

Smart Design

Available in single light colour or get our premium light; comes with smart control and dimming option.

Magnetic Track Light

No More Electrical Shock

Special designed tracks with low voltage power protects against any electrical hazard.

Easy to fix

Magnetic Track Light

Magnetic Clip

Light fixtures are secured without any screws and via our new magnetic clip system.

Magnetic Track Light

Easy Maintenance

Change or switch light position easily. No need for professional electricans to change lights.

Track Type & Configuration

Magnetic Track Light

Configuration A - rectangular shape

Configuration B - U shape

Configuration C - L shape

Configuration D - straight shape

Magnetic Track Light
Magnetic Track Light

Track + Components

Light + Driver

Quality Standards

Non-Hazardous Shock

Well-Designed System

Magnetic track light system - another innovation from Smart-Home

Functionality - wide range of lighting to choose from

Magnetic Track Light
Magnetic Track Light

New Magnetic Clip System

Cost Saving - light fixture by magnetic fixation

Maintenance - ease of changing light fixture, no need for electrician

Magnetic Track Light

No Special Tools

Movable - lights can be switched to the required position anytime

Maintenance - ease of changing light fixture, no need for electrician

No electrical shock

Magnetic clip system

Easy to shift light position

Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic track lights energy saving?


Magnetic track lights uses COB light bulbs which produces high output and yet using a low wattage of power.

What are the benefits of using magnetic track lights?


The magnetic track lights are powered by a 48V transformer which is same for human touch and thus reduces the danger of electrocution. You can easily change the lights without any professional electrician as the lights are connected to the track by a magnetic plate.


What are the colours available?


The tracks come in black and white. We have different light fixtures available to suit different interior requirements. The lights come in daylight, cool white, warm white and smart version. 

What are the sizes available?


The tracks come in 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm. The tracks can also be customised according to customers' requirements. The light holder is a standard size only. 


How long is the warranty period?


There is a 6 month warranty for the magnetic track, light fixtures and driver. We provide 6 month onsite warranty if the items are installed by Smart Home.

Can I buy the item and DIY?

Yes. You can buy the items and get a certified electrician to do the installation of the lights tracks to the wiring.


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