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COB LED Strip Light

Function + Quality

COB normal LED Strip

High Quality

Long lasting, energy saving, high brightness LED bulbs, with 50,000 hours life span. Available in different lengths.

COB normal LED

Choose Light Colour

Day light, cool white and warm white. Different lighting colour for different usage.

COB LED Strip Driver

LED Strip Drivery

Converts power into 12V low wattage for energy saving lighting solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are COB light strips energy saving?


COB light strips come with LED bulbs and are a highly efficient, compact fluorescent lighting solution which saves energy as compared to the normal lighting. 

What are the benefits of using COB light strip?


Benefits include energy efficiency, long lifespan, high light output, compact size and better colour rendering as compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. Due to the small size of COB strips, this type of lighting is suitable to be used in custom made furniture.


What are the sizes available?


The COB strip comes in 5 meter per roll. The light can be extended to other lengths upon request. 

What is the voltage of the LED strip?


The COB strip is compatible with a 12V transformer driver. 


How long is the warranty period?


There is a 1 month warranty for the light strip and driver. We provide 6 month onsite warranty if the items are installed by Smart Home.

Can I buy the item and DIY?

Yes. You can buy the items and get a certified electrician to do the installation.


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