Eureka Laundry System

From Dream to Reality


Eureka Laundry System

Time Saving.

Eureka motorised technology. Silent motor and comes with multiple functions.


Hanging and retrieving laundry is so much easier now.

Newly Added IONIZER Function

Raising the bar in terms of quality

Laundry System

Safety Standards

304 Stainless Steel Wires

High tensile strength wires for weight loading up to 40kg.

Stainless steel material for long lasting quality and prevents rust that cause weakness in wires.

High Quality Rotation Motor

Built to last.

High torque motor, extremely reliable and long service life. Better performance, lower noise and less heating.

Laundry System

Safe Stop Technology

Motorised system designed to stop when coming into contact with resistance.

Safe Stop Technology® protects against accidental injury to small kids and also prevents damage to motorised system.