Conventional ​wood panel wardrobe system with top quality workmanship and functional accessories. We are able to provide a wardrobe based on your customised size and height to suit any environment. 

All door panels are machine-glued with ABS trimmings, making it more durable and with a seamless finish. 

Kaka wardrobe can be fitted with hinge doors, sliding doors or bifold doors, making it one of the most versatile system available. 

Add on functional accessories to personalise your wardrobe and store your items in a more organised way.

Hinge Door

Wardrobe with swing door lets you get the entire view of all the contents in your wardrobe in one glance. Hinge door comes standardised with soft closing.

Depending on your preference, customise hinge door with different door handles for a more contemporary look. 

Hinge doors usually take up more space as they swing outwards. 

Plan the position of your wardrobe so that swing doors do not obstruct 

movement in the room.

With hinged doors you also have the advantage of hanging your

accessories like sling bags, scarves or belts on the back  of the doors.


Sliding Door

Sliding door panels are a style statement and recommended to be wider in width to look elegant and classy. 

Choose between wooden sliding doors or aluminium frame sliding doors. Customise your favourite material and colour... ...

Space saving as the doors move to the left or right and does not interfere with walking space and it comes with optional soft closing.

Sliding doors will block one part of the wardrobe when you move them to the other side.

Bifold Door

Another option available when it comes to wardrobe doors are bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are similar to sliding doors. Instead of one large panel, bi-fold doors consist of a selection of smaller panels that fold outwards as they glide on the tracks.


These doors ensure improved visibility of the contents of your wardrobe at the center. Since they use a number of moving parts, bifold doors are more prone to wear and tear damage from rough handling.


All these three types of wardrobe doors have their own merits and their suitability will depend on your individual requirements or the limitations of your room.  So make sure to choose a wardrobe door that will give you easy access to the contents inside and blends well with the look of your home



All drawers come with soft closing slides for a smoother operation and a more peaceful environment to live in.

*Life Time Warranty


All drawers come with digital cabinet locks for a keyless solution, combining functionality and technology

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