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Ventian Blind
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$9 psf

Wood Venetian Blinds - wooden slats that stack together, able to tilt the blinds to better control the amount of sunlight coming into the house. 

  • A natural woody classic, elegant design covering for the window.

  • Comes in variety of colours and wood finishes for a more natural look.

  • Complete control over amount of light and full adjustment of angle of slats; angled up - block out light, angled down - minimum light coming into house, straight - generous amount of light into the house.

  • Easy to maintain - simply wipe with a damp cloth or with a duster with the blinds angled upwards or downwards.

  • Motorised wooden venetian blinds looks more sleek without the dangling handle on the left or right side.

  • Motorised solutions are definitely a more easy and convenient way to handle wooden venetian blinds due to the weight of the slats.

Do your own measurement

This is just an estimate. Actual dimensions might vary depending onsite condition

Korean Blinds

Unit of Measure


10mm = 1cm

100mm = 10cm

1000mm = 100cm = 1meter

1inch = 25.4mm

1feet = 305mm

1 square ft = 1ft x 1ft

1 square meter = 1m x 1m

Motorised Solution  (smart technology)

5 years extended warranty for all our motors

Roller Blind
Venetian Blind

Motorised with remote control


  • 5 year warranty for all motorised solution for roller blinds. 

  • (1st year - free labour and parts, remaining 4 years free motor parts)

  • (After 1st year - labour and transport chargeable)

  • 1 year warranty against workmanship​ and blind material.


  • Warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, mis-use or by other abrasive material and cleaning agents.


  • Warranty does not cover damages caused by severe impact of motors and material. 

  • 1 year warranty against workmanship applies only if blinds are removable and not blocked by furniture. 

Innovative and advanced features

z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya

Smart Phone or Tablet

z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya
z wave zigbee tuya

Voice Control

Technological advancements of motorised control system. 

Control remotely via smart phone or tablet.

Voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Blind Promo


$529 for motor

+ track system

What it includes;

  • Installation

  • 5 years warranty motor

  • Smart control

  • Remote control worth $29

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