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Door Security

The caller ID for your door.

Smart Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell

SmartBell 3

$159 (Without installation)

$199 (Installation with batteries)

$299 (Installation with electrical wiring)

Product Feature:

  • Display Resolution 1.0MP -

  • Video Quality, HD 1280 x 720P

  • Inbuilt Microphone

  • 2 way communication with visitor

  • Motion Detector

  • Wide Angle View 166°

  • View on Demand

  • Date and Time Stamp

  • LED Night Vision

  • Multiple Users

  • Upgraded new HD video quality

  • Supports 32Gb max micro SD card

  • No annual subscription fees


  • 45-degree bracket - $29



  • 1 year warranty against product defect

  • 1 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart-Home

SmartBell | Doorbell

1 MP Camera

HD Version

SmartBell | Doorbell

Built-in Microphone

SmartBell | Doorbell

Motion Detection

SmartBell | Doorbell

View On Demand

WT Smart Viewer

Wide Angle View

SmartBell | Doorbell

Multiple Users

What you get in the package:

Wifi Doorbell

SmartBell 3

Black / White

Wifi Doorbell

6800 Mah Lithium
Rechargeable Batteries

Wifi Doorbell

Indoor Chime

Wifi Doorbell

Micro USB Charging Wire

Wifi Doorbell

32Gb Micro SD Card

Class 10

10Mbs Writing Speed

Product Specifications


Wireless Connection:


Video Quality:

View Angle:

Video Resolution:



Night Vision:

Working Temperature:

Port Forwarding Range:

Device Port:

Height: 143mm, Width 75mm, Depth 32mm

Wifi B/G/N, 2.4 Ghz

OV9712 CMOS Sensor + Hi3518E SoC

720 HD


1280 x 720 @ 25fps

1W Speaker and Mic


6 Built-in LED

-10° to 40°

0 - 1023

256 - 1023

Differences Between SmartBell 3 and OEM Copies

It may look the same. But it will never be the same.

Wifi Doorbell

SmartBell 3

Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell

LED Night Vision Bulb

View Angle: 166°

HD View Quality

Motion Detection Video Recording

On-Demand Video Recording

View On-Demand

Unlimited user connectivity

6400 Mha high storage battery

Optional Install With Electrical Wiring

In-Door Chime (More functions)

Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell

OEM Copies

Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell

No LED Night Vision Bulb

View Angle: 120°

No HD View Quality

No Motion Detection Video Recording

No On-Demand Video Recording

No View On-Demand

Max 4 user connected

3000 mHA battery capacity

Not Able To Install With Wiring

No In-Door Chime

Using a 45-degree bracket

Wifi Doorbell
Wifi Doorbell

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay annual subscription for the app?


The app is free and you do not have to pay any annual subscriptions to view the history of all recordings.

Does the Smartbell 3 require power to connect?


SmartBell 3 can be installed with or without direct power connection as there are batteries in SmartBell 3. 


How long can the batteries last?


Due to the low power consumption of SmartBell 3, the batteries can last around 1 month depending on usage. 

What is the usage of power of SmartBell 3 when on standby mode?


The SmartBell 3 requires only 0.00016 ampere of electrical current when on standby mode. It is the equivalent of a 0.002W light.

What is the wifi connection for SmartBell 3?


SmartBell 3 requires a 802.11 B/G/N, 2.4 Ghz wireless router connection, it will not work on a 5 Ghz wireless standard at this time. SmartBell 3 also requires routers to be set to B/G or B/G/N settings and not 'N-Only'.


What is the minimum bandwidth required for SmartBell 3 to work?


A minimum of 2Mbps upload and download speed is required for SmartBell 3 to work.


When answering call from can I take a picture or video?


Yes, you can take pictures or videos during the call for future viewing purposes.


What is the range of the motion sensor?


The range of the sensor is around 1m - 1.5m.


Where are the videos and images stored?


They are stored in the micro SD card provided. You can access the photos or videos from the app. 


Can multiple SmartBells be connected to one phone?


Yes it is possible. 


How many phones can be connected to one SmartBell 3?


Unlimited users can be connected to one SmartBell 3.


Does the app auto record when the motion sensor is activated?


SmartBell 3 will take an image or video automatically when the motion sensor is activated and send an alarm notification to your smart phone at the same time. The video or picture will be saved onto your micro SD card. 


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