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Pro Seal

Product Feature:

  • Automatic Drop Seal
  • Seal Drops to The Floor When Door is Closed
  • Seal Rises Above The Floor When Door is Opened
  • Silicone Seal Does Not Hurt Flooring

  • Silicone Seal Long Lasting Without Becoming Brittle

  • Prevents Water, Air, Noise, Dust, Insects, Smoke, Light, etc...
  • Available in Silver or Brown



  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

Pro Seal

    • While we strive hard and work towards your preferred timing for installation, we may not be able to commit to it all the time.
    • Your chosen installation timing is only confirmed after our friendly operation staff calls you back to confirm on your order and the installation time with you. 
    • We seek your understanding on this. 
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