Nikawa Evolve Safe 40-NK

1 Access Solution:

  • Pin Number


Product Feature:

  • External size: W410 x H536 x D475

  • Internal size:  W305 x H412 x D320

  • Weight: 63 kg

  • Capacity: 37 litre

  • Double alarm system, inbuilt tilt sensor

  • 2 user pin number (4-20 digits)

  • Auto lock for 3 min if incorrect password for 5 times
    Emergency power mirco USB port

  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting

  • RHS - Compliance to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC

  • CE - ConformitieEuropean on digital locks



  • 2 years warranty against manufacturer's defect

  • 24/7 emergency support



  • Free delivery to ground floor of house with lift provided for 2nd level and above

    Nikawa Evolve Safe 40-NK

      • While we strive hard and work towards your preferred timing for installation, we may not be able to commit to it all the time.
      • Your chosen installation timing is only confirmed after our friendly operation staff calls you back to confirm on your order and the installation time with you. 
      • We seek your understanding on this.