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Sensor Light

Available In;




Sensor Light Adaptor

Power Track
Power Track

Technical Specifications

Sensor Range < 2.5m

Light Auto Off After 30 Seconds (+-5S) Without Motion.

Sensor Not Activated During Well Lit Areas.

Power Track

Sensor Light Adaptor

Light Colour

Warm White 3000K



Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency


Black, Silver, Bronze, Metallic Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic Bronze


Diameter: 7.2cm x Thickness: 3.3cm

Safety Standards

Non-Hazardous Shock

Patented System

Power tracks are designed to prevent 'electrical shock'. The live and neutral strips are designed to be at the highest and lowest point of the track, preventing contact from prying objects or fingers. 

Plug Safety Clip

Patented System

All adaptors come equipped with 75N in-built safety clip, it is equivalent to a 7.5kg force required to plug in any appliances. This keeps kids from prying open the plugs with bare fingers and prevent 'electrical shock' to them as a safety measure.

Power Track
Power Track
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