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Easy Installation

Cable Management


Reposition Anywhere

Suitable for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings.

Got a new project to utilise EUREKA power tracks, contact us today and find out more. 

Place plug into groove of Eureka power track.

1) Add

2) Remove

3) Re-Position

Turn clockwise 90° until you hear a 'click' sound.

Depress the side button.

Turn counter clockwise 90° to release the plug.

Install Plug

Remove Plug

How EUREKA Power Track Works

UP     Logo

Follow logo and install track accordingly.

Side Connection

Wires can be easily connected via the side bracket by any electrician. No need for specialised knowledge.

Back of Track

Wires can be concealed at the grooves located at the back of the track.

Rear Cover

Well designed power track groove and rear cover means wires can be connected anywhere. 

Choose the length of the power tracks

Choose from our standard length size

Get it customised 

Customised to your request

Standard Colours

Choose the colour or finish

 Alu Silver

Jet Black

Rose Gold

Customised Finish

EUREKA power tracks can be customised in different finishes for customers who have specific preferences.

Taurus Black Marble EL300

Gatsby Marble EL301

Porcelain Marble EL302

Coffee Brown Marble EL303

Stainless Steel Hairline EL350

Grey Screed EL310

White Wood Grain EL320

Gray Wood EL321

Beech Wood EL322

Oak Wood EL323

Walnut Wood EL324

Toledo Wood EL324

Choose plug adaptor

International Plug Adaptor

Plug Adaptor

(A,C, I)

USB Adaptor


Light Adaptor


UK Adaptor


Light Adaptor


Alu Silver

Ash Black

Rose Gold

Snow White

How many adaptor to fit a 1m track

EP4 / EQ1 Track    Fits max. 10 adaptors for 1m track

EP2 Track              Fits max. 9 adaptors for 1m track

Still not sure how to utilise Eureka Power Track.


   Give us a call let us know what you need and our friendly operator will assist you within our means.


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