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Door Security

Easy and convenient

Smart Door Viewer

Digital Viewer, DDV10

$139 (Without installation)

$169 (With installation)

Product Feature:

  • Integrated doorbell

  • Infra-red sensor

  • LED bulb for night vision photos

  • Auto video and photo taking

  • Auto time and date recording

  • Automatic energy saving mode

  • 2 rechargeable batteries

  • 1 battery charger 

  • Free 32Gb SD card



  • 1 year warranty against product

  • 1 year onsite warranty when installed by Smart-Home


WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer24417ed31d027b14c8-camera-

Integrated Doorbell

Picture Taking

WT Smart Door Viewer

Video Taking

WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer

Motion Sensor

Night Vision

Wide Angle Lens

What you get in the package:

WT Smart Door Viewer

32Gb Micro SD Card

Class 10

10Mbs Writing Speed

WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer

1500 Mah Rechargeable Battery x 2pcs

WT Smart Door Viewer

Micro USB

Charging Wire

WT Smart Door Viewer

Battery Charger

Product Specifications:

LCD Screen:

Camera View Angle:

Camera Specs:

Photo Taking:

Video Taking:

Night Vision:

Sensor Type:


Door Thickness:

4.3 inch TFT screen

160° wide angle view

1 mega pixel

1, 2 or 3 photo taking

10 or 20 second video taking

LED bulb for night vision

Infra red sensor

Integrated doorbell

40 - 110mm thickness

Peephole Diameter Size:


14 - 30mm size

Rechargeable lithium battery

Digital Viewer   vs   Traditional Peephole

WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer

Blurry image

Too high for children to reach

Difficult to use for elderly and disabled

No security or privacy

WT Smart Door Viewereen-tick-icon-image-141
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer

Clear image

Easy to use for people of any height

Ease of use for elderly and disabled

Motion detection

Automatic recording with time and date

Picture or video recording

Rechargeable batteries

Free 32gb micro SD card

WT Smart Door Viewer
WT Smart Door Viewer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the WT digital viewer has to be connected to power?


No. Our digital door viewer is powered by re-chargeable lithium ion batteries.


How long can the batteries last?


The batteries can last according to various situations or different modes set to the digital viewer. When IR sensor is activated, each battery can last around 20 - 40 days before you need to charge it again, depending on the frequency of usage. There are 2 batteries provided in the package. 


How do I charge the batteries?


You can either charge the batteries with the charger provided or use a power bank to charge the LCD screen unit bottom micro USB port while the batteries are inside.

Which SD card is suitable for use with digital viewer?


You should use a class 10 SD card that supports 10Mbs writing speed. The viewer can only allow max 32Gb micro SD card. 

How does the PIR sensor work?


After detecting motion for continuously for 2-3 seconds, the digital viewer will automatically take a picture or a 15 second video depending on the mode it has been set to.


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 1 year carry-in against manufacturer's defect.


What happens when the micro SD card memory is full?


The digital viewer will continue to take pictures or videos and will automatically over-ride the oldest image.


How images or videos can be stored in the 32gb micro SD card?


A 32gb micro SD card can store around 12,000 pictures or 1000 copies of 15 seconds video.

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