Frequently Asked Questions

What batteries should be used for the digital safes?


Normally 4 AA size batteries are used for the safess. 


How will I know if the batteries are 'low batt'?


There will be a red LED light shown on the indicator panel whenever battery is low. 

Can the keys be duplicated?


Yes it is possible to duplicate. Duplication of additional keys is $32.10 per pc. 


What happens if I lose all of my keys?


You will need to change the lock cylinder of the safe. Price is $149.80 and it comes with a new lock cylinder, 1 master key and 2 user keys.

For safe delivery, where do you pass the safe to us?


Our delivery for safe is sending it to the location on the 1st level inside of your house. For owners staying on higher levels in condo, apartment or HDB flats, our delivery will use the lifts provided and send it to the inside of your house.

Are there any additional charges if I require the safe to be carried up to a higher floor manually?


Yes there will be additional charges. Kindly refer to "Optional" for the pricing.


Are there extra charges for delivery?


There are additional charges for delivery to these areas.

1) CBD, orchard area, town area or ERP prone areas - $15

2) Tuas, army camp, police building, changi airport, sentosa - $50


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 2 years against manufacturer's defect.