Digital Locks

Unlocking The New Era



5 Access Solutions

  • Fingerprint | Access Card | Pin Number | Remote Control | Smartphone Control

Product Feature:

  • Smart touch pad prevents password being exposed due to residual fingerprints

  • Break-in alarm

  • Automatic lock mode after door is closed

  • Low battery warning with alarm and LED indicator

  • Suitable for glass door thickness between 9 - 13mm

  • 4 - 12 digit pin codes

  • Optional remote control available

  • FOC 4 access cards


  • 2 years warranty against manufacturer's defect


  • Access card - $8

  • Remote 1: big transmitter + receiver - $150

  • Remote 2: small transmitter + receiver - $120

  • Big transmitter - 

  • Small transmitter - 

  • Receiver - 

Model : ZR-49

Rim lock for glass door

Frequently Asked Questions

What batteries should be used for the digital locks?


Normally 4 AA size batteries are used for the locks. We recommend to use alkaline batteries like Energizer & Duracell or re-chargeable batteries. 


How will I know if the batteries are 'low batt'?


There will be a LED indicator shown on the screen of the lock indicating low battery and also the 'unlocking melody' of the lock will be different from the usual melody. 


What if I forget to change the batteries and the power is totally flat?


1) When you are inside the house, there will be a manual over-ride knob to unlock the door. 

2) When you are outside of the house, you will need to buy a 9V battery and place it to the pinout at the lock to charge it temporarily to activate the lock so you can key in your pin number to enter the house.













What happens if I lose 1 of the RFID card for my digital lock?


Normally we give 4 pcs of RFID card for every digital lock. If you lose 1 of them, you will need to take the remaining 3 cards and re-program it with your lock, the lost card which is not newly programmed will be ineffective. 


If I have a RFID metal gate lock and a RFID wooden door lock, can I unlock both locks with just 1 card?


Yes, it is possible. 


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 2 years against manufacturer's defect.


Every digital lock comes with a pinout for emergency charging

Insert power bank with micro USB cable into plug for emergency charging to activate the lock

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