Workmanship & Materials:

We strive to provide all details about our work. If you have more questions about the different aspects of our works, kindly contact us or drop us an email and we will get back to you duly.

We maintain good workmanship practises for all our works according to BCA Singapore CONQUAS system to maintain quality and set a benchmark standard across the industry.

Demolition works:

Renovation works for units often require some form of demolition to non-load-bearing concrete structural elements. The demolition process if workers are not knowledgeable in the area. 

Our workers are well trained and certified by BCA to identify key structures, avoid excessive hacking and proper handling and usage of tools for any demolition works.


Our painters are trained and has achieved certification from BCA under the SKILLS EVALUATION CERTIFICATE for a standard requirement in 'Painting'. 

Brand and colour of paint used are normally chosen by home owners. There are lots of well known brands in the market and home owners can choose the brands and types according to their preference. 

Only genuine painting products are used.

Electrical works

All wire fittings and wiring products are tested according to Singapore PSB standards for safety and usability. 

Only qualified personnels will be deployed to do all wiring works to ensure that there is no works being compromised or mis-handled.

Partition works

Our workers are experienced installers of any false ceiling, partition walls, reinforced partition ceiling and walls for installation of heavy loading items like ceiling fan, hanging lights, wall-mounted TV and etc.... 

Any irregular shaped, rounded false ceiling corners, classical european style designs are no problem for us.

Discuss your designs with us today...

Tiling works

HDB approved pre-packed cement screed, water proofing screed and membrane to be used for all flooring requirements. 

Cement screed or floor screening must be kept to a maximum of height 50mm only. 

HDB approved cement screed will normally cost more depending on the areas that needs screeding to be done.

Laying of ceramic or homogenous tiles is according to BCA CONQUAS standards as a guideline. Difference of height between 2 tiles should not be more than 1mm.

Carpentry works

In-house carpentry workshop allows us the flexibility of taking on projects that are complex and still making sure of prompt delivery. 

Every design is unique and we deliver all customised furniture with excellent craftsmanship that will truly define your personality and taste.

With decades of experience, our in-house carpenters will turn your designs into reality.

In-house quality control will ensure that we deliver products with the highest quality.