Contemporary design, custom built to your requirements.

Choose from the different systems available to custom build your wardrobe.

Wide range of accessories to better organise your personal accessories.

We help you decide which type of wardrobe is suitable for your usage.

1) Choose your favourite system

2) Let us know the type of doors (hinge, sliding or bifold)

3) Choose the finish and material of wardrobe system

4) Choose your accessories to increase functionality

Choose your preferred main system



Trikt system - an open concept and modern design wardrobe system 

It is an aluminium structure wardrobe system. Trikt can be easily customised in height and width, offering multiple design variations.

Recommended to use with sliding doors. 



Wardrobe - the conventional type of wood panel wardrobe system

Wood panel wardrobe offers a more 'closed' and compact design structure.

Suitable with casement, sliding or bifold doors.

Choose between different types of wardrobe door

Hinge Door


Hinge door - swing open type of door, comes standardised with 'soft closing'.

This type of door lets you view all compartments and items in your wardrobe with one glance.

However, more space is required for this type of hinge door wardrobe as you have to swing the door outwards.

Umba Sliding Door


Umba sliding door - sliding doors are generally wider and looks more elegant. Door soft closing mechanism has to be purchased separately.

Constructed with aluminium frame with glass or wood panels in between and using 'anti jump' roller mechanisms for smooth sliding operation.

This type of door lets you view items in your wardrobe only at one compartment at one time.

Sliding doors are suitable for small spaces or when you like wide and big doors for your wardrobe.

Bifold Sliding Door


Bifold sliding door - another option that is in-between hinge doors and sliding doors.

Bifold doors consist of a selection of smaller panels that fold outwards as they glide along the tracks.

Improved visibility of contents inside your wardrobe compared to sliding doors. As bifold doors use a number of moving parts, they are more prone to wear and tear from rough handling.

Choose colour, finish for wardrobe and doors

We are currently updating our materials and colour selections. 


Cabinet Digital Lock 


Drawer With Glass Top


Wooden Organiser


Belt & Tie Storage


Trousers Rack


Belt & Tie Rack


Velvet Accessory Tray


Pull Out Mirror


Quality Mechanism


Quality conceal soft close drawer slides


Quality conceal soft close drawer slides

  • Extremely smooth sliding operation

  • 'Invisible' drawer slides 

  • Soft closing

  • Life Time Warranty*


Old type drawer slides

  • Non smooth sliding operation

  • 'Visible' drawer slides 

  • Non soft closing 


  • Original receipt must be presented for proof of purchase

  • Lifetime warranty for cabinetry hardware like hinges and drawer slides purchased from Smart-Home

  • 1 year warranty against workmanship

  • Warranty covers products that are used indoors and in an appropriate manner


  • Material warranty does not cover damages caused by severe impact, normal wear and tear, cuts and scratches, accidents, mis-use or by other abrasive material and cleaning agents

  • Lifetime material warranty covers free replacement of material. Labour and transport will be charged according to on site condition to the purchaser

  • While product is under warranty, Smart-Home will examine and decide, at its sole discretion, if the product is damaged against manufacturer's defect or caused by means not covered under the warranty.