Quote from Smart-Home:

We make 3 biggest investments in our life.

No.1 - Purchasing of house,

No.2 - Purchasing of car,

No.3 - Renovation of home

We know how much it means for home owners to come out with a huge sum of money to renovate your house and we strive to take into care, consideration and responsibility to make sure all details of your house are fulfilled to your needs.

We take every project seriously, regardless of the monetary amount.

2 - 4 months before getting keys

Decide on a decor theme and figure out a comfortable renovation budget. Our designer consultants will translate your ideas and lifestyle habits into a beautiful interior specially catered to your needs and advice you to get the best out of your budget. 

Some things to take note of;

  • Bring along your floor plan for us 

  • Communicate your own ideas to us so that we can suggest suitable recommendations

  • Advice us on your renovation timeline


Collection of keys

  • Make an appointment with us to check the defects, totally complimentary. Our designers are experienced and will be able to advice on the defects that you may have missed out. 

  • Bring along the defect checklist that was sent to you from HDB or the estate management.

  • Bring along masking tape (to indicate defect works), measuring tape (measurement of cabinets) and note pad to jot down all the details of discussion, no matter who you engage. 

Discussion and getting your quote

  • Initial discussion - we will do space planning based on the discussion and you will get your quote within 5 working days together with the initial space planning drawings

  • Approval of quote - choose colours and finishes and drawings are done up approximately in 10 - 14 days time.

The whole process from initial discussion to confirmation will normally take 3 - 5 weeks based on the number of changes required. Timeline might be extended if more changes are made.

Download and print our defect checklist to help you

Before renovation

Make sure all defects are rectified by BSC (HDB flats) or the estate management (private property). 

Confirm the drawings, electrical points, lighting points, cabinetry works and all other installation works required of us to do.

Any changes should be discussed at this point as it would be difficult to rectify when installation is complete and there might be additional charges for changing the items.

Electricity & water

Apply for a utilities account to activate the water and electricity so that our staff will have electricity for our tools and water in the toilets. 

During renovation

While we strive to keep most of our jobs between 4 - 10 weeks for renovation depending on complexity for every individual project. 

Timeline and updates of your job will be provided on a weekly / bi-weekly basis so as to keep you updated of the work progress for your house. 

You can also drop by once a week / 2 weeks to check on the renovation progress. 

House Keeping - it is our duty to keep the house as tidy and neat as possible even during the renovation process.

Do take note that any changes during renovation might cause delay in the renovation process.

Appliances, lightings, etc...

We will inform you of the timeline to bring in all items that are necessary for us to keep up our work going as we will be installing all these items for you

After renovation

We will do a final round check on the works together with you. Do highlight any problem areas that needs rectification. 

After going through everything, you can arrange for your furniture and high ticket items like TV to be delivered. 

Photo session

We would like to check if you are comfortable to let us take pictures of your newly renovated place. We would like to showcase your home to all our customers