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The modern kitchen is no longer an area for preparation and cooking of food. The kitchen, in the center of the house, has evolved into a modern lifestyle masterpiece furniture where you entertain your friends and guests with great food and drinks.

In Planning: The Trinity Traingle

Design your kitchen so the most-used appliances are close to one another: the hob and oven for cooking, the sink for cleaning up and the fridge for getting your ingredients. The triangle is the area between these appliances - making an ideal workspace where everything you need is close at hand.

Benefits of a Functional Kitchen

°Reach sink with pots in a few steps     °Reach ingredients in fridge from prep area     °Wash up as you cook     °Save energy and time by walking less

U Shape Kitchen

L Shape Kitchen

Parallel Kitchen

Kitchen With Island

Straight Kitchen

Quality & Functional Fittings For The Kitchen

Pully Dish Rack

Easy and convenient to keep or retrieve your dishes. No more tip-toeing...


UnderSink Stainless Steel Pull Out Rack. Make full use of the space under the sink and retrieve items easily.

Undersink Drawers


Storage for cleaning agents and detergent under the sink. 

Premium drawers in frosted glass sides.

Magic Corner


Easily retrieve items stored in corner cabinets.

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