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Thank you for purchasing Auto Track.

Auto Track - 1 year warranty

Warranty Terms

  • Proof of purchase is required when making a claim under this warranty. The warranty is in respect of the auto track installed at the address indicated on the receipt or invoice and shall under no circumstances be transferred or assigned to any 3rd party.

  • The Buyer shall promptly report to Smart Home within the Warranty Period any defects resulting from faults in product or workmanship. Smart Home will repair or replace any defective component of auto track system which falls under the Warranty Period. All claims must be made within the respective Warranty Period.

  • The auto track system must be installed in accordance with Smart Home installation instructions, supplied with the auto track system, and installed by a certified professional.

  • Where a failed component of the auto track is replaced under Warranty, the balance of the Warranty period will remain effective. The replaced part does not carry a new warranty.

  • This Warranty becomes null and void if any parts of the auto track has been dismantled and re-installed, parts changed or repaired by any person other than an authorized technician or agent of Smart Home.



Warranty Period


Auto Track

(Installed by Smart-Home)

All models

1st year

Repair or replace by Smart-Home without any cost to owner.

Auto Track

(not installed by


All models

1st year

Free repair without any cost to owner.

Transport and labour will be charged if installation required from Smart-Home.

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