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Epoxy Grout

Are you seeing this at home?

Have you been cleaning and scrubbing with chlorine/acid?

The grout not matching the colour of your beautiful tiles?

Grout fill seams between tiles. Most default grout is porous(sand) which means it will absorb any liquid and dirt, in turn becoming dirty, stains, mold, and a reservoir of bacteria.

Over time, it affects the cement and causes tiles to crack or pop up; which will cost thousands to re-tile!

You have the right to choose

Epoxy Grouting 14.jpg
Epoxy Grouting 1.1.jpg


Functionally Superior

Waterproof– Epoxy grout is waterproof unlike traditional cement grout that is porous. It alleviates water-proofing issues by reducing the water that gets underneath the tiles and watermarks and leaking

Durable- Our Epoxy sealant uses a chemical mix of two liquid components, epoxy resin and a hardener, to create a tough, solvent-resistant finish that is traditionally used to in industrial applications such as paint for Airplanes & Ships

Epoxy Grouting 19.jpg

Aesthetically Pleasing

Vivid Colors & a Consistent Look

Smooth Finish- Our grout has a smooth and luminous finish that is prettier compared to the chalky finishing of cement grout & is especially beautiful on the edges

Color Intensity– The colors appear more vivid as epoxy is opaque unlike cement and allows it to reflect more light

Epoxy Grouting 20.jpg

Choose Your Finishing

Semi-Flushed & Concealed

Our unique application technique enables us to apply a more flushed finish so that the grout doesn’t “pop” out.

Check out our past projects below. For more information about the product we use, scroll further to the KASTAR section.

Customised L-Shape

No center beam

Standard L-Shape

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which configuration is best for me?


Do contact us via WhatsApp or give us a call to inform us of your requirement and our friendly sales team will advice you accordingly.

What materials are the items made of?


The storage structure and shelves are made of cold rolled steel with powder coat finish. 


Is it chargeable for the planning of the configuration?

All planning and advice are provided complimentary. 


What is the weight load of the entire system?

Our system has a true weight loading of 200kg per shelf when distributed evenly.

What is the warranty of our system?

Our storage system comes with a 1 year warranty.


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