Block out insects, dust, sound, water, smoke

Product Feature:

  • Automatic drop seal

  • New EPDM rubber design for better seal capability

  • Seal drops to the floor when door is closed

  • Seal rises above the floor when door is opened

  • EPDM rubber seal does not hurt or scratch floor

  • EPDM rubber seal is long lasting without becoming brittle

  • Prevents water, noise, dust, insects, smoke, light, etc...

  • Available in silver or brown



  • 2 years warranty against manufacturer's defect

Keep Out ::: :::

Old Design - 4 individual rubber fins does not block and conceal gaps well.
New EPDM Rubber Seal Design
ProSeal - New 1 piece EPDM rubber design that blocks and conceal gaps better than our competition.
Why Choose ProSeal
Cheap Door Seal
Door open or close, door seal always on the floor. Will cause scratches on floor.
Similar Competition
Door open or close, door seal always on the floor. Will cause scratches on floor.
Door open, door seal rises.
Door close, door seal drops.
Door open, door seal rises.
Door close, door seal drops.

Main Door

Side Door

Illustration of Single Leaf Door

Silver  - $150

Brown - $160

Price includes installation

Illustration of Double Leaf Door

Silver  - $200

Brown - $220

Price includes installation

Scenario 1


Imagine general washing and cleaning is going on outside your unit.


Rest assured that Auto Seal minimises water from seeping into your house from outside.

Scenario 2

You are singing karaoke in the middle of the night and trying to hit the high notes. 

Auto Seal keeps your singing within your own place and not disturbing your neighbours.

Examples of jobs done

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Seal?


Autoseal is a automatic drop-down door seal installed on the bottom of the door to close the gaps when the door is closed. The seal is lifted off the floor when the door opens to prevent making marks to the floor. 


What are the advantages of Auto Seal?


AutoSeal can block out unwanted insects, water, sound, light and dust from outside the house.

- Water will not seep into the house from the outside whle there is cleaning going on.

- Insects will not be able to penentrate the door seal when the door is closed. 

- AutoSeal is useful for blocking sounds from outside of the house and vice versa.


What is Auto Seal made of?


The housing of the AutoSeal is made of aluminium while the seal material is EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane and is widely used in seals because of its insulation capabilities in the automotive and industrial environment.


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 2 year against workmanship and product defect.


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